Welcome to Capt’n Chucky’s Northeast Philadelphia
Seafood Market

Owner Fred Graziani

Born and raised in Northeast Philly, owner Fred attended the Father Judge High School which is located just a few blocks from the storefront. Fred’s mission is to bring a specialty store that provides the locals with an outlet for premium seafood products as well as other tasty items that will give customers a savory experience to keep coming back to. In doing so, he intends to offer specialty crab cakes, wild-caught steamed shrimp, soups and chowders, seafood appetizers, and complementary sides and salads, all with the personable service you would expect from a small business owner who knows its customers are his priority. Capt’n Chucky’s Northeast Philadephia thoroughly looks forward to serving our neighborhood and friends with the finest quality foods and being a part of their family dinners and traditions for years to come.